Defence Flags

Could this be what our Navy, Army, Air and Defence flag will look like in the future?


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22 Responses to Defence Flags

  1. gunther says:

    hope not, the fern looks to much like a white feather…

  2. David Jasper Robertson says:

    Gunther when I drew these flags I left the fern the same as it was on the official submitted design. This one suffers from being arty with the wrinkles and shadows etc. In real life it does not look too bad and I will get a photo of one today.
    As for the rest of it I overlaid emblems that exist today onto what I think will get the vote based on expressed preferences so far.
    New NZ White choices are easy. Either the example I created OR as the Canadians have done replace the UJ with whatever flag we end up with.
    Harder for the Canadians because they would have ended up with a big and small version of the same thing. The Canadian Defence logo on the fly is an indication of how deeply they are embedded into the tri-service culture.
    Took them from 1965 to 2013 to actually come up with a RCN White. They have a blue version for RCN Auxiliary vessels too. Google Canadian Naval Ensigns (images).

  3. Jim D says:

    Anyone get the feeling that DJR is working for the Government…

    • DJR says:

      NO!!!!!!!! Its going to happen no matter what we think and I for one do not want to end up with something that looks like an advert for a sperm bank or a tea towel from the Warehouse.

      • DJR says:

        Should also say that there is already some big business going on behind the scenes. The Silver Fern organisation is very influential.
        THE RNZCG is going to need over 200 new ensigns. You have to budget for that and it will be around $100 each for a UV and weather proof item.
        Also, given that it is a bulk order is it time to apply to have a defaced ensign for the organisation?
        Time to think about that is now.

      • Jim D says:

        But Dave, what happened to a Democratic solution…Are you saying that the outcome of the two referendums are already known? Surely not…

  4. David Jasper Robertson says:

    Not a lot more to be said on this subject until the Gubberment has spent more of our money.
    One thing you do need to do is tell your undertaker which ensign you want on your coffin. it is your choice.
    I got into a bit of strife when Willy Rudd crossed the bar cos he wanted the White Ensign and not the NZ White Ensign on his coffin.

    • gunther says:

      yes I have to agree with you dave, I think this is being ramrodded thru at what ever cost, so lump it and like it. the way they have gone about reviewing the new flag and then presenting it to the existing one has been an arse about face way of doing things, but this way it ends with a do you want the new design or the old this time im going with the old one, but.////

    • Frank Lewis says:

      Dave I guess for us that served under the RN White Ensign, RNZN White Ensign and god forbid another white ensign – it will make for a colorful coffin drape won’t it.

  5. m says:

    What an insult it would be to our for bearers.

  6. Bazz Walden says:

    Not to sure about red, white and blue. Still reminds me to much of the union jack. Just my own personal thought DJR.

  7. DJR says:

    People will accept change but not a quantum leap. When this debate started I was a bit ho hum but then I began to look under the bonnet and there is a lot going on in support of the fern flag. Worth going to the website to see what I mean. There is another one called liveflag or something.
    As for democracy Jim, let the brainwashing commence and we are going to get that in spades.
    Red, white and blue. Not being anchor faced, I prefer it because it has more impact thus sends a stronger message that NZ is here.

  8. Mike Harrington says:

    My God boys! whats goin on!!

  9. DJR says:

    Guess all of this has gotten away from the original question as to the look of the new white ensign.
    Personally I am now a lot more aware of what is being dealt to us.
    There is plenty of precedent for a new white ensign no matter what is decided for the NZ Flag.
    You can use Google or ‘Flags of the World’ to check this. Kenya and Canada are examples.
    a. A white ensign with the national flag in place of the UJ and the four stars.
    b. A white ensign with the national flag in place of the UJ and the badge of the RNZN on the fly. The RNZAF could be accommodated in the same way with sky blue and RNZAF roundel.
    c. Ditto but with the NZDEF badge on the fly.
    d. Just do away with the concept of a naval ensign altogether. The RCN did that 1965-2013.
    As far as the Queen’s/King’s colour or standard is concerned Kenya is an appropriate example.
    Guess in the end we are old enough to go about our boating and dying with whatever flag we want. Let the young make the decision.

    • Jim D says:

      Us loyalists are not interested in what other countries did. To think DJ that you used to stand on the quarterdeck and scupper your tot whilst looking patriotically at the ensign flying proudly from the mast. Wonders will never cease – tut, tut…

      • DJR says:

        Sorry Jim never drew my two water on the quarterdeck of any ship I ever served on. The only occasion was NZ White Ensign Day in Philly during my Advanced Course. Splice The Mainbrace…. Robertson 16977… Dolly Grey says….. Names not here, drink your tot (neaters) and go to the back of the queue. Then we ended up in the Spade.

      • DJR says:

        Thinking more about this perception thing. I have over the years had the immense pleasure of standing on a dias as the NZ flag was raised and our anthem played.
        I am almost certain that the Union Jack is subliminal at the time and your focus is on the blue flag with the red and white stars.
        That is what I identify with….. like AIG on an All Black jersey, its there but you don’t see it because you don’t want to.

  10. Bob Anderson says:

    Hurrah, DJR has got it right, leave to the young. It’s about time we didn’t show our inward looking and out of date attitude. Forget about whether the occasional silly comment the silver fern looks like a feather, all you need to do is explain what it really is, my international contacts know what the silver fern represents. Stop criticising and only offering negative comments, look for the positives.
    I’m for a change and will respect the final decision.
    Bob Anderson

  11. Peter Robb says:

    It is interesting reading comments on this topic – ‘CHANGE’ is never easy and hard to accept for a lot of people – I remember when the RN White Ensign got replaced with the RNZN White Ensign – didn’t bother me – so I think some people need to accept that CHANGE occurs all the time…one hopes of course they get the choice right?

  12. Dodger says:

    I like this flag design, but would prefer Black in place of the Red — Red white and Blue smacks too much of good old Blighty for my tastes — if we are going to change, and I think it’s about time, then we need to have something distinctly NZ – which the Fern is ..and of course BLACK !!!

  13. Pete says:

    Why is it a lot of people seem to think that the fern should be the emblem to represent NZ. If we are to have a picture on our flag, why not a Kiwi? Isn’t the silver fern more of a sporting symbol? Are we known as Silver Ferns (other than our national wormens netball sports team) when we talk to other nationalities or overseas? NO.. we are known and recognised world wide at Kiwis, so why not have that as our national emblem on the new flag and therefore be more recognisable as a New Zealander. It seems that this is all futile anyway as the Government has already made up its mind on the matter. no matter what the majority think.
    It will come to a head next year when we vote to keep the old or move to the new flag of NZ.

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