Click this link for a short list of 40 possibles.  I wonder if anyone has given any thought to what the Naval or Merchant version of these would be?

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19 Responses to WHICH FLAG

  1. DJR says:

    The Canadians have a solution for the White but it looks a mess to me. It would be better if we retained the white with the stars we have and replaced the UJ with the new NZ flag in that canton.
    Have run them through Photoshop and there is nothing to write home about.
    Certainly the RNZ Yacht Squadron could not fly the new White with the naval device on it.
    Then there is the problem of government departments e.g. Police who fly the blue with their device and the RNZAF will want to retain their identity.
    The Red is rather meaningless in this day as we don’t have a merchant fleet as such. With no Flag Act I think you could legally fly a red or a blue. Organisations like Coastguard fly the Red but honestly the significance is lost on them and the NZ flag will be appropriate.
    The bigger problem is the silver fern. We are so proud of it but to a global audience we will have a fish bone or white feather on our flag. A white feather on a military flag?
    You can rework the image and a version I did has been used at the last three Olympic Games but the ‘panel’ does not seem to see an issue.
    One thing for sure, us crinklies should leave the decision to the young as the flag they choose is the one they will live their lives with.

  2. Jim D says:

    Obviously not. No good for both red and white ensigns. There is no logic as to the referendum sequence. Methinks that John Key has a hidden agenda. Prelude to NZ becoming a Republic or a Maori flag to finalise the Treaty of Waitangi settlements perhaps?

    • John Bullock says:

      There are many ethnicities in our society, so the flag should not just be centred around the wants of one particular race, no matter who they are. If the flag is to be changed, a “few” of the 40 short-listed flags recently presented have graphic features that could show New Zealand has a multi-culture nation, and be very much recognised. Are they going to spend another $26M to design a New Zealand Maritime flag?

  3. Tony Marsden says:

    Was at a meeting yesterday, at which a member of NZ Customs was a guest speaker. The NZ flag carry-on was briefly discussed & he pointed out that both NZ Customs & NZ Police have the current NZ flag as part of the badges on the uniform shirts. Lots more places that changes would have to be made in the event of a new badge. Also more expenditure too!

    • Jim D says:

      Yesterday (17 Mar 2016), John Key announced that he had no idea how much it would cost to change the flags if the new design should win. However, he did say that Government flags would retain the Union Jack. Military, Fire Service, etc. What a waste of bloody time and money!

  4. John Bullock says:

    I do not see the State of Hawaii “jumping up and down”, or wanting a change about their State Flag showing the Union Jack …. thanks to Captain Cook, even if locals did murder him!

  5. DJR says:

    By sheer joss I noticed that some of the designers have also included naval and other variations. Flag 39 black with white stars and a single stripe has a white flag with the stars and bar in a lite blue for the RNZN. Be a bit like being a lower rate on HMS Pansy

  6. Jim D says:

    You’re right DJ, add a bit of pink and you would be spot on…

  7. Jim D says:

    There lies the twisted mind of a politician…

    • Jasper Robertson says:

      I have seen the red and blue version of the current favourite (Herald Poll) on a house down the road and confess it looks very appropriate.
      That flag would provide an option for all the users of defaced ensigns [Police]. You just put their device in place of the stars. I would not be surprised if in the interests of savings they use white NZDEF logo the same way and tell the three services that is your lot. Its only the Navy and Air Force who lose out and what is sentiment worth in this day and age.
      It would be a pity because the NZ White is an impressive ensign. Check out Naval Ensigns on Google [Images] and see how it stacks up. IMO RNZN & RAN have the best of them.
      Have done a study for clients on the ramifications of a new flag on branding etc. Fonterra would be wise to sell all their cows and dairy equipment in China and invest in sewing machines and screen printers. The patriotic flush and refit of existing flags will create a blowout of trade with China. Do you need TPP for that?
      Reflagging is going to be a cost to the user not the Government. If you were a suspicious man you might think the Government has figured out the tax/GST take from reflagging and merchandising ( T shirts, coffee mugs) means they will actually make a profit from this exercise.

  8. Casper says:

    I am sure we’d soon get used to being asked what the white feather stood for DJR, and learn to smile enigmatically It would sure look good on our uniforms too.We could have a big one on the back! I’m not so sure we would with the droopy things on them- just know that the Aussies would suggest Viagra It’s also interesting that King John is doing this before he gets his Knighthood-surely he wouldn’t want to upset them at Buck house? It would be nice to think that the Govt had put as many millions into solving some of the present Vets Affairs fiasco, hospitals, mental health, old age, etc as it has into this pointless flag exercise. However, as always
    Love light and peace

  9. Casper says:

    Yeah alright-before you all start I meant the droopy things on the other FLAGS

  10. Neill Dorset says:

    Frankly I don’t think it is going to matter what flag design all of you come up with. At the end of the day, and regardless of the supposed referendum that is to come once the 40 has been reduced to 4, whoever puts the most into ‘advertising and heart string pulling’ will ensure which one the Government thinks will be the most appropriate flag being ‘accepted/decreed” as our new flag. (Think back to the fiasco when MMP was foisted on the public). Like Jim D cites, one has to wonder why the emphasis on this, right at this point of time. $26 million (or so we are led to believe) is a lot of money that could/should have been used on other more pertinent matters- what are we missing here? Could this be yet another misdirection to divert NZ people’s attention of something more important??

  11. Mike Catlow says:

    I don’t really mind either of the final selections and it’s up to the majority to choose. The majority seem to want to keep the old flag, there is/was a solution all along. Run a campaign to convince Australia that as an emerging Pacific power, with an all conquering sporting elite they need to become a Republic with of course a high profile flag to go with it. Plenty of Yellow I would imagine as its their favourite sporting colour of choice. The new flag would thus be totally different from their old one, hence our flag could not possibly be confusing as their old one becomes redundant. Could have saved us $26million and a lot of angst and the majority would have got their wish….just sayin…..

  12. Casper says:

    The majority of the designs are abominable, and few are worse that the recently much hyped up “Red Peak”. Just add a camel and you have a perfect replacement for the Egyptian flag. We have a perfectly good flag which is I venture to say is widely recognized. How long would it take for a new design to be? Years, probably. The referendum is only the start of the cost, as every item with our current flag on it will need to be replaced, from the Coat of Arms through our drivers’ licences, retail and export items, everywhere it appears-the list goes on. We do however need new hospital services, medical research,welfare for the elderly,the infirm, Veterans, improved schooling, stopping child abuse- our greatest treasure is our children- ending poverty in OUR country (yes, it does exist) stopping domestic violence, accident prevention, agriculture,increased input into crime prevention. suicide prevention, depressive illness, support for victims of violence, sexual and otherwise-and I have no doubt that many of you could add to this list, so where would you rather see the money spent? Millions on a carefully orchestrated flag sideshow by the smirking denizens of the Beehive, or just one less abused child, one less suicide?
    I personally feel that the money being squandered on this increasingly childish squabble is obscene. He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata! Not a piece of cloth with a silly design on it. So there!
    Love, light and peace

  13. Casper says:

    Jim, isn’t it amazing how many “don’t knows” , add-on’s and other manipulations have taken place since the actual voting started? King John’s flag superior to our current one on the voting papers, his own choice of flag on his lapel etc. I am also very disappointed to see that our former most senior Army officer the Governor General of New Zealand chooses not to wear our current flag on his lapel. Mind you, he doesn’t know which side to wear his RNZRSA Badge either. Ah, well all I can say as usual is –
    Love, light and peace.

  14. jack sweeney says:

    end of the day the whole farcical exercise is total bull. if a person is unable to ‘count the stars’ on either our or the Ozzie flag they are total asses, as is this being used as a main reason for change. fern is found in many countries, not just ours. if key wants to differentiate between us and our brothers in arms just whack a kiwi in the centre of our flags’ stars – aint no other country has them s’far as I know. as most of you have stated our nation has much greater needs for this money that all this tripe! oh, and it aint the govt paying for all this bollox, its us folk with bottomless pockets as far as the politicians are concerned – the hapless taxpayer!!!

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