A Blast from the Past

Here is an image of Communicators in ACTION – Have a go at naming them, what ship and possibly the year the image was taken?


Top Row L-R  Dave Carroll. Alan Whitley, Jonah Jones, Nick Nicholson, Mace Mehana, Chris Bond
Bottom Row L-R James Cassin. Stu Adlam, Jeff Halliwell, ?, ?, Dean Bloor,

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7 Responses to A Blast from the Past

  1. Dean Whaanga says:

    Now there are some biscuits there. Cass, Adlam,Jonah, Meihana, Whittles

  2. Mole says:

    Dave Caroll wearing Army ‘T’ shirt, Steve Adlam below him

  3. Brownie says:

    Mole that’s Stu Adlam. And where is Budge? if Nick was the Yeo then Budge can’t be there. Actually he probably was with me and I was ‘minding’ him again.
    Isn’t that Bungy Williams tho?

  4. Jim D says:

    That doesn’t look like Lawrence Hunt the sparker (Biggy).

  5. Phil Aspinall not in there.

  6. alan whitley says:

    Canterbury 1984 states trip I think Jeff Halliwell is the 2nd to the right of Cas with his finger up by his nose Dean Bloor is on the far right I think

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