General Question 024

Name of ship and country. Clue – you wouldn’t want to be a pensioner in this country!

Answer: Georgios Averof – Battleship of the Royal Hellenic Navy. Museum ship that is classed as being in active service.


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6 Responses to General Question 024

  1. Butts says:

    Θ/Κ Γεώργιος Αβέρωφ

  2. Brandon Healy says:

    The Greek ship HNSA Georgios Averof was commissioned in 1919. She was one of three Pisa Class armoured cruiser made in Italy. The Italian government finished 2 of the three then due to lack of funds where the Greek government along with a wealthy private citizen (George Averoff) came up with the funding. She was completed with Italian Engines, French Boilers, German Generators and British armament. She had one gun with a manufacturing flaw caused by the rifling cutting tool slipping. This was not determined to be detrimental to the integrity of the gun. Due to lack of ammunition she did not fire her guns until she saw action in a Greek Turkish conflict in 1912 where she left three of her fellow ships and manovouring independently succeeded in crossing the Turkish Navy’s “T” and concentrated her fire on the Ottaman flagship causing the Ottaman Fleet to retreat in disorder.

  3. Brandon Healy says:

    Sorry 1910 not 1919

  4. albert cross says:

    It looks like a WW1 battle cruiser by the shape of the bow and I do not think they are handing out pensions in Greece at the moment. !.

  5. Mike Catlow says:

    Greek Cruiser Georgios Averof – Pisa Class Armoured cruiser – obviously built in Italy!

  6. DJR says:

    Greek cruiser Georgios Averof. Regarded to still be in active service by Hellenic Navy.

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