Model Ship Display

Five of Graham Beeson’s intricate model warships will be on display and he will be on hand to talk about his new pictorial book on the Admiral Graf Spee.

Graham is a well known NZ warship modeller and author.  From plans he has built four warships which were at the Battle of the River Plate.  HMS New Zealand, HMNZS Gambia, HMNZS Leander, HMS Exeter and HMS Ajax will all be on display.

The display will be available at the Orewa Library 10 – 14 August 2015 0930 – 1600 daily.


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3 Responses to Model Ship Display

  1. gunther says:

    this man is one very good model maker..has other very good models..

  2. Mike Commons says:

    And I always thought HMS New Zealand was a WW! Battlewagon. And she was not at the battle of the River Plate???? Where is HMNZS Archilles??

  3. Frank Rands says:


    You are quite correct HMS NEW ZEALAND was not at the Battle of the River Plate. I believe the HMNZS Achilles model is in the Navy Museum.

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