Calling all GANGES Boys

If anyone is or knows of any ex Ganges trained boys of any branch who may live in the Wellington area or further afield, could they please contact John Snow who was RNZN and GANGES trained in 1946. John’s contact details are

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1 Response to Calling all GANGES Boys

  1. Jim D says:

    My maternal grandfather (John Patrick O’Brien) was one of 6000 Irishmen who served in the RN prior to and during WWI. He joined HMS Ganges in 1911 at the age of 16 as a Seaman Boy 2nd Class. His first sea draft was to HMS Irresistible and then to HMS Cornwallis. He served on the Cornwallis during the Dardanelles Campaign as an able seaman and at some stage contracted pulmonary tuberculosis. He was invalided out of the RN in 1916 but the same year volunteered to join the British Army in the Royal Engineers as a Sapper (and accepted) in the Inland Water Transport Corps! They operated the French and Belgian canals and rivers of the areas held by the British Forces. He served until 1919 and was an acting Sergeant on being demobbed. He passed away at the relatively young age of 34 of TB.

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