General Question 19

What is the name of the aircraft carrier? Clue – not American. Some research required here, based upon the carrier and helicopter.


Answer – HMAS Sydney during the Korean War. A USN Sikorsky S-51 Helicopter and crew were loaned to the Carrier. See here 

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4 Responses to General Question 19

  1. Richard Jackson says:

    The carrier is a British Colossus class light fleet carrier; the helo is a Sikorsky Dragofly (it had a complex USN designation, but the Brits called it a Dragonfly). So the photo is from the Korean War era when the USN supplied some helos to the Brit carriers off Korea for plane guard duties.

  2. Brandon Healy says:

    Helicopter is a Sikorsky S – 51 Dragonfly, and (shot in the dark) HMS Ocean in the Korean War

  3. Chook says:

    HMS Triumph R16 before conversion to a heavy repair ship

  4. John Bullock says:

    HMS Ocean

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