All Communicators,  Please if you get an email from me which says Important File.  Please DO NOT OPEN repeat DO NOT OPEN this attachment as it will steal all your email addresses and send it on from your email.  Sorry about this but nothing I can do but try and minimise the pain.  It would appear that communicators with XTRA accounts have been targeted.   Click HERE to see how smart this scam is.


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  1. Nick Carter says:

    Hi Frank,

    I was informed that Ian Bradley had passed away today. Is this true?



  2. gunther says:

    yes nick died on Saturday in the u.s.a. funeral to be promulgated (most likely next week) after body returned to nz.

  3. Mole says:

    Transported this cantankerous old Chief Sparker to Auckland Hospital at 0600 this morning to get his miniaturized defribulator fitted (Pace Maker) and had a text from him a short time ago saying out of Operation two problems fixed and needing sleep. He’s expected to be released tomorrow sometime. He ironic comment to me as he left the car was Quote” Oh well it’s either the first day of my new Life or the last of the present” Unquote. It’s good to see that he’s okay maybe we can get some fishing done!!

  4. Mike Dinwiddie says:

    Mole please give Jasper my best and let me know please when he is out of the horspital and ok
    Cheers Dins

  5. Chook says:

    Seems that not only xtra account holders have been got at, I have been told that my email address is sending out emails as well, so I guess everyone is vulnerable, be careful out there people!!!

  6. gunther says:

    was hacked this morning, but now back in the loop. so any emails before 10 this morning ditch. I was only asking for money..gunth

    • John Bullock says:

      Anyway Gunth did you get any offers! With a world-wide audience you would have to be filthy rich by now!

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