Here is an image, which may ring some bells with a number of Communicators…  Thanks Charlie M for the image.

What are the names of the ships and where was this taken?

HMNZS Canterbury, HMS Arrow HMAS Brisbane. The Med. 1977 En-route the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Spithead Fleet Review


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11 Responses to Ships

    HMS ARROW (type 21)
    HMAS BRISBANE (Charles F ADAMS class DDG)
    Photo taken in the Med 1977 Spithead Review Trip

  2. Jim D says:

    Foreground – HMNZS Canterbury. Next to her is HMS Arrow. Top ship not known. Operation Armilla 1983 either INdian Ocean or Gulf of Oman

  3. Jim D says:

    Correction to the above – HMS Amazon NOT Arrow (she was down the Falklands).

  4. Brandon Healy says:

    Canterbury is in the fore ground then looks like Te Mana I don’t recognise the far ship may be Te Kana, though could be one of the Aussies.

  5. Paul Murray says:

    Canterbury with HMS Arrow and HMAS Brisbane during our transit to the UK for the Spithead Review in 1977. Arrow came out to meet us and show off being a fairly new warship in 1977. Perhaps in the Mediterranean Sea.

  6. Jim D says:

    The top ship could be an Aussie DLG – Hobart, Perth or Brisbane

  7. Alan says:

    Think 1977 Silver Jubilee trip. HMAS Brisbane furthest away, HMS Arrow and us. Taken Indian Ocean/Red Sea area. … I think, but my memory of those times is not what is was.

  8. Derek B says:

    Not sure at all and I’m guessing here, but was this 1979 – Canterbury in company with two French Navy ships whose names escape me?

  9. Jim D says:

    4th Attempt – Canterbury, Arrow and Perth 1977

  10. Lindsay Roberts says:

    HMNZS Canterbury, HMS Arrow? HMAS Brisbane. The Med. 1977 En-route the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Spithead Fleet Review

  11. gunther says:

    just launched a 12ft model of Canterbury today at highbrook park lake. everything went very well had a suspected leak thru one of the shafts with about an inch of water down aft, but otherwise a very good sail. would be the only large radio controlled model warship in nz..

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