Warrant Officer Recognised

Warrant Officer Communication Warfare Specialist Wayne Dyke is recognised by the presentation of the new Piracy Medal by the Chief of Defence Force.

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12 Responses to Warrant Officer Recognised

  1. Bazz Walden says:

    It may sound like sour grapes here, but a Piracy Medal for sailing around the ocean on an armed warship. No disrespect to CWS Dyke, but I think we faced greater danger in the bars of Sembawang and Wanchai. Just another gripe but a new Piracy Medal but no medal for service on the FES all those years ago. Go figure.

    • Mole says:

      We need to get our own ‘T’ Shirt of “COLD WAR VETS” I seem to remember those Russian so called Trawlers, when I was up on the GDP as AA Lookout changing course with the rest of the fleet on Exercises, don’t ever remember you Bunting Tossers telling them to keep Station!!

  2. gunther says:

    im with u bazz. those bars were hell..specially when a certain pair of sailors wanted the mike to sing inglebert humperdick or tom jones songs.. im talking taranaki 1970 fes…aaaah the oldies but the goodies, eh fox..

    • Dodger says:

      The biggest hazard was the monsoon ditches out next to the road, or getting run down by Maxie Watt on his milk scooter :-}

  3. Bazz Walden says:

    Yes gunther, Waikato 72/73, Mungo Jerry “In the Summer Time”. Life was full of danger, still waiting for my Bar Recognition Medal.

  4. Dave Wistrand says:

    Bloody hell a bunch of Junior Wood Chucks going on about one run in the FES what about 65, 66 67,68,69 73 and then the memory fades abit as age crept in could look at the docs but have made my point – oh yeah then a couple up turban places while the brits went fighting down south – actually see The History of EW and example of EW postings – if I can remember will to an essay on Sembawang Bars and some of the more well known ladies you might have caught up with

    • Bazz Walden says:

      Very fortunate for you Dave, some of us weren’t that lucky. I think one trip was enough to make the point.

      • Bazz Walden says:

        We all served in the same navy Dave regardless of being a Junior Wood Chuck One trip wonder or a Super Old Salty Sea Dog like yourself. Give yourself a Bar Recognition Medal with six bars. ( Pun unintended).

  5. Dodger says:

    Yes Dave, Juicy Lucy always reckoned she was married to you :-}

  6. gunther says:

    dave for the uninformed (meaning ships co’ excluding sparkers/buntings) we all know that the biggest part of an ew’s time was spent looking at the back of their eyelids. altho there were times I did see ew’s in the ewo cause they had the mail to distribute..

  7. WPD says:

    The medal presented was the new Defence Meritorious Service Medal and not the NZGSM Counter Piracy

  8. Mike Dinwiddie says:

    it wasnt just the Monsoon ditches (6ft deep) it was walking the plank thru the swamp to the stables that became an issue after leaving the Paris Bar lol

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