Ronald McDonald House

A group of Ordinary and Able Communications Warfare Specialist visit Ronald McDonald House and teach some new skills to the children.


Group photo with Ronald McDonald House children.
From Left top to right: OCWS Sixtus, ACWS Bartram, ACWS Marshall, OCWS Cole, POCWS OwensFrom Bottom Left to right: OCWS Eden, ACWS Samuel, ACWS Freeman

Capture Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

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2 Responses to Ronald McDonald House


    What do all these abreveations mean i.e POCWS,ACWS,0CWS. do not sound like buntings(Sig) and SPARKERS(Tel/RO) or maybe
    EW Skin K

    • Frank Rands says:


      This is the communicator of 2015. They all belong to the Communications Warfare Specialist hence CWS Ordinary, Able and Petty Officer. No one now joins the Navy as a bunting or a Sparker they are now Communications Warfare Specialist. Hope this helps. Frank

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