Unofficial Communicators Lunch

The venue for the next Communicators unofficial luncheon is the Birkenhead RSA and the date is the 20th August 2015 at 1200.  Please note that this is not an official lunch or reunion activity run by the Committee, but is just seen as an opportunity for communicators to get together informally.  So if you are at a loss and would like to catch up, make your way to the RSA and see who else turns up.

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33 Responses to Unofficial Communicators Lunch

  1. Jim (Dunedin) says:

    Love to come Frank, but I only get half an hour for lunch….

  2. JT says:

    Would have been great to attend however on that day will be in London on my home way home from a meeting in Geneva

  3. John Bullock says:

    Geezus JT, how did you managed that “Junket’, when the Government supposedly got no money? Just ask the NZ Defence and other government agencies! Did you scrounge some funds from Gunther’s “Retirement Fund” ?

  4. Dave Robertson says:

    Well why not, just made a stop over at the old camp so it will be good to have a chat to some old Sparkers in the same week. Hope they are in better nick than ZLO (pics being sent to Frank).
    Whats for lunch, rich brown stew or madras curry?
    Times have changed, took team of 20 instructors from Sea Survival School to sea for the day just before Xmas. Their bag lunches came from the local supermarket. Apparently there are only 30 cooks left in the RNZN.

  5. Dave Neil says:

    THIRTY coooks!? Crikey, can’t remember any whern I joined…………..

  6. Henri says:

    naaaahhhh Casper they were all Crooks when you joined hahahahahaha…. but
    i do remember one good one when we we were at ZLO who used to lend us them big stainless
    galley trays to go up the mountain tobogganning in/on. U know the ones that were lovely and clean inside but were rather brownish of hue on the outside and underneath, that after a few runs down Whakapapa shone like brand new again… Not to mention put in peril some ski-ers who couldnt get out of the road of jolly jack roaring down the piste in a galley tray, with limited turning ability and the only brakeing ability was to can out of the dang thing 🙂

  7. Noel Kininmont says:

    AhHa Henri—Who showed you that–was the cook Benny ?? I’m not sure–may have been Mac .

  8. Mike Harrington says:

    Hi Noel do I know you? Mike Harrington

  9. Noel Kininmont says:

    You sure do Mike–Skin K–L/Tels course and a couple of postings to gether plus several drunken runs ashore…

    • Mike Harrington says:

      Hi Noel thanks for your reply. Soz my memory isn’t the best. I can only remember Morrie Hayman from our L/Tel course. Did I go to your home one time and we fired a 303 rifle together?. I was 32nd W/T what were you? This is a great site iv’e only just happened on it. I was sorry to see Terry Simonson(probly not the right spelling) and Peter Sheehan have passed away Terry was on Tamaki with me and peter was from Christchurch and joined abt the same time as me 1954 we had some great times in the old train and ferry going and coming on leave. OK mate nice catching up. Did you use’d to flat with Tom Skinner in Auckland, I have a vague memory of something like that! Cheers Noel. Spot ya!

    • Mike Harrington says:

      Hi Noel just a quick note to let you know my new email address: [1] cheers. mike H

  10. Noel Kininmont says:

    Hi Mike 33rd W/T –I was good mates with D,G.Stade from your class,and the Brown Monk and PoiPoi Puata–yes you came home with me(KAITIEKE Valley)and fired more than one shot from the 303..scared shite out of all the animals on the station –Bungy williams was on our course–yep flatted with the Right Hon Tom Skinner along with Dave Crick..Do you remember runs ashore–alternating one day Esplanade next The Masonic..Email address please..Skin

    • Mike Harrington says:

      Hi Noel, thanks for your reply. I was a good friend of Dave Stade when we !st joined and went to his Naenae home on many occasions. He called in at Christchurch in the late 60’s to catch up with me but I missed him. He was on his way down south to a light house apparently. Is Dave still about do you know? Dave Crick was at Navy Office with me and Jim Harper . Jim came down to Chch after time expired to work and we were great mates until he left to work in Wellington.Thanks for mentioning the others I remember P3.bungy Williams and the Brown monk. I.m sorry I can’t remember the runs ashore at the Splade and the Masonic but no doubt I was there! Was the Mon Desir on the North Shore too? I have a vague recollection it was. Did we serve on a ship together? By the way it’s drafted not posted in the Navy mate. OK Noel i’ll sign off for now take it easy. warmest regards Mike. P.S. My email address is: Cheers . . . .

      • Charles Conroy says:

        Hi Mike, Charlie(horse) Conroy 31st V.S. Dave Stade passed away some years ago now.

      • Mike Harrington says:

        Hi Charlie, long time no see! Thanks for info. I’m sorry to hear about Dave what a shame, but I guess that’s life. How are you going? The last time I saw you, you were marching a load of P.D. bods down a Wellington Street and you couldn’t stop to talk to me. Nice to hear from you. all the best, Mike

    • Mary Garvie for Mo Garvie says:

      Hi Noel. I am wife of L/Tel Mo Garvie. He was mates with late Morrie Hayman mentioned above. We live in Auckland now. Mo is stroke victim and cannot read,write and has limited speech. He recalls much of his Navy life and would be delighted to hear from you. Are you going to the luncheon Nov 14?
      Regards Mary Garvie

      • Maurice Bruce says:

        Hi Mary. Im Maurice Bruce, a class mate of your Maurice,Im in Papamoa and read your reply re luncheon. Im not going myself but if you could convey to Mo my regards would be appreciated. Ive also have had 2 minor strokes in recent months but fortunately no real adverse side effects. Got a right telling off by my local GP though. regards LJ

      • Mary Garvie for Mo Garvie says:

        Thank you for your contact Maurice. I will pass your news on to Mo.
        I hope you are managing your stroke side effects well and doing as your Doc tells you. This August will be 11 years since Mo’s most devastating of his 4 major strokes so he is doing well.
        Take care
        Mary Garvie

      • Sweeney JCK says:

        Hi Mary, sorry to hear Mo is not the best. we used to be on watch at Navy Office together and used to get up to all sort of Hi Jinx. Drove poor old Stan Keely nuts. last i saw Mo he was managing the Cambridge in Welly if i recollect rightly. give him my best and tell him I have’nt used my binoculars for perving for years.!!!

  11. Rod Berry says:

    Thank you Frank for the reminder. Must admit my last effort to attend was a tinch embarrasing.

  12. Jim Hastie. Leading Signalmen 1954 to 1965 says:

    Horse Conroy Are you the guy with all the flaming red hair.
    Jim Hastie 1960 ??

    • Charles Conroy says:

      Yes James I was that guy but unfortunately as time went by it is now turned to silver .

      • Jim Hastie. Leading Signalmen 1954 to 1965 says:

        Tut Tut. Sorry about that. Mine is turning from black to grey, happens to us all at some time. Nice to hear from you hope life is treating you well.

  13. Bill B says:

    Hey Horse! Cast yer mind back to Royalist ’56. Can just picture Taff Jones (our Ch. Yeo) slammin you up against the MSO bulkhead with his guts. Kevin Vaughn laughing his c…. off.Quite funny I thought.
    I think you and couple others(Mary Buckingham & Tom Cass been taking mickey out of Pete Mellor. Oh to be a Boy Sig .on a cruiser. Never saw Pete Mellor again after I drafted off .
    Stay well mate!
    Bill B

    • Charles Conroy says:

      Yes I remember that Bill I think it was because I said to Taff Jones ( ch Yeo) that I thought he was fat and I could out run him , then he let fly with his puku and I went flying . I remember him saying that in his younger days he was a 1oo yards champion. Yes also didnt see Peter Mellor after I was drafted off Royalist either Kevin Vaughan went to philomel danny daniels I think went to Irirangi
      Those were the days bill , am stilll fit and well mate .
      You take care my friend
      Charlie Horse

  14. gunther says:

    unable to make it have new knee

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