A Class of Jacks

This image was provided by OSIG Ralph Woodward who is now 89 years of age.  The image is of a class of communicators which were trained in 1945 at HMNZS TASMAN when the school was located at Lyttleton.


Rear L-R   Peter Cook, Arnold Wilson, Walter (Jerk) Jenkins, Bernarad Godfrey, Frank Nugent, Ralph Woodward.

Middle L-R  John (Snow) Egan, Desmond O’Brien, (Sinbad)?, John Ferguson, Gordon Geddes, Lancelot (Lofty) Lee.

Front L-R Brian Conroy, PO ?, Warrant Officer Ponting, LSIG ?, John (Jock) Howell.


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1 Response to A Class of Jacks

  1. John Bullock says:

    The photo was taken in 1944. The photo contributor Ralph who is in the photo is 89 and lives in Governors Bay, Banks Peninsula.

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