Medal Ribbon Decals – Update

I have had a request from a member to locate medal ribbon decals which can be stuck to the rear or side windows of vehicles.  These are quite common in Australia and I have seen them on one occasion here in New Zealand.  If members are interested  they can contact Spadix Stickers and Decals direct by clicking HERE.

Spadix have indicated that they can manufacture stickers to any shape or measurement.

In regards to the 40mm x 60mm sticker you have an option of an external applied sticker or a ‘reverse’ style sticker on the inside of the window facing out?

Members who wish to have their ribbon stickers manufactured please get in contact direct with Spadix. Customers will be given the option to use regular mail or registered mail. Only difference between the choice is a refund or reprint is offered on the registered mail option if mail is lost or damaged.

In regards to the Ribbon stickers – The standard personalised ribbon sticker is 16cm x 6cm for $12.00 each plus an additional $5.00 for registered post.  Custom ribbon sticker requests will have their variable pricing, i.e. design from scratch work, and size request/measurement request.

The decals is a self adhesive vinyl with a minimum 5 year uv protection. It is excellent robust quality for a sticker stock, used for various outdoor purposes, favoured by various industries for their quality.

I do custom size orders on request however prices may vary due to size ( for mailing package pricing costs) or the type of design request.

Stickers are mailed out on Monday and Tuesday of each week from Brisbane.

Handling including shipping can be up to 14 days in process.

An example for a payment/deposit – Four Stickers $48.00 plus $5.00 for registered postage comes to $53.00 for deposit/payment.

(Bulk stickers priced according to size and quantity separately.)

Bank details will be supplied in the confirmation part of the process.

PayPal as also available as a method of payment.


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18 Responses to Medal Ribbon Decals – Update

  1. Brownie says:

    Jeff Brown

  2. Roddy says:

    Interestingly Frank, and as we found in our journey around the ‘lucky land’, a large majority of Australia’s nomad community are Veterans and/or ex Service people. Most displayed medal ribbon decals on the rear of their caravan or motorhome. Being able to identify fellow ex Service people made for very social evenings in the most remote places. I would be interested in the result of your research.

  3. gunther says:

    have seen them a little bit smaller than that on a couple of cars here at the manurewa rsa. also on guys shirts.. looks quite impressive..went looking for them last nite but nothing in the car park, I would be interested

  4. Peter Broom says:

    Thank you for following up my request

    • Frank Rands says:


      Please advise me the medals you have as I think I have found a supplier.


      • Peter Broom says:

        Thank you Frank,I have the following gongs:-NZ operations service medal,Korean medal,United Nations medal (Korea)’South Korean medal and NA Defence service medal.If it’s possible I would require two of each.Thanks again for being so co-operative with this matter.I am sorry I can’t get to the reunion but I unfortunately lost my wife at the end of last year and am taking a while to adjust.Wish anyone as old as me all the best
        as the only name I have recognised is Albie Cross.
        Regards Peter Broom

      • Peter Broom says:

        I forgot to ask if the White ensign is also available as a lot of the Aussies also display theirs

      • Frank Rands says:

        Yes, I believe it is. I have asked a couple of questions so just waiting for their response.

  5. Jim Blackburn says:

    Is 40mm x 60mm size correct.???…If so this means my 14 medals will go nearly right across
    the rear window of my little car.. Is there a smaller size ?
    Normal size Medal Ribbon is 36mm wide, except the PJM which is about 40mm iI think.

  6. Chris says:

    Also interested – presumably you do not need to know what clasps the medals have?

  7. Walter Strong says:

    Would be interested in those decals reguards wally strong nz 15843

  8. Jim D says:

    I think you would normally only display the operational medal ribbons (NZOSM, GSMs, etc) and not include LSGCs, BEMs, MSMs, NZDSMs, etc. The NZ Malayan Veterans Association has shirts with all the Malayan/Malaysian medals on them except for the Naval GSM!

  9. Jim D says:

    I think you would normally only display the operational medal ribbons (NZOSM, GSMs, etc) and not include LSGCs, BEMs, MSMs, NZDSMs, etc. The NZ Malayan Veterans Association has shirts with all the Malayan/Malaysian medals only on them except for the Naval GSM!

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