A number of attendees have asked about a visit to Te Papa.  I can advise that nothing has been organised but am happy to take names of those interested in a visit and put you all in touch with each other on the Friday night.  Leave your name as a comment to this post.

Further Information – Te Papa hold daily highlight tours at $14 per head for 60 mins which run at prescribed times (no booking required). These have a max of 15 people but open to anyone or you can book private tours at $18 per head for 90 mins with min charge of $126 (seven adults). These need to be booked 3 days in advance so most probably not going to be any good to our attendees from out of town.

Click LINK to see more details.

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  1. Frank Rands says:

    Sandy Watson and Bevan Ryan are possible starters

  2. Jim Blackburn says:

    Yes..I am interested..I was intending to do this visit on Saturday Morning and the PeterJackson
    ww1 afterwards, then back to Petone

  3. Jim D says:

    Vicki and I visited Te Papa last month and the Galliopi Exhibition by Peter Jackson was outstanding – free entry. We didn’t have time to visit Peter Jackson’s other WWI exhibition at the old Dominion Museum but I understand that is a not to be missed thing to do whilst in Wgtn. Both WWI Exhibitions are open until 2018.

  4. Bill Bartlett says:

    Frank! Re the TePapa Banyan. I’d like to be another starter please.
    Bill B

  5. Kips Kingdon says:

    Please add two more for the people to the list of personnel for the tour of Te Papa, in the forenoon. Would be interested in doing the Peter Jackson WWI exhibition in the afternoon if anyone else is going to that as well.

  6. russellghockley says:

    Hi Kips, I am hoping to visit Te Papa and war memorial during Friday.

  7. Kips Kingdon says:

    Hi Russ,
    I am not getting to Wgtn until Fri afternoon and Di not arriving until the evening, so our tours will have to be on Sat.
    Would like to do a private tour of Te Papa as the times for the 60 Public Tours are not too good for getting both visits in and leaving time to get back to Petone. However, it doesn’t look like there will be sufficient numbers interested in doing tour to meet the minimum requirement (7 pers) and meet the booking notice period of 3 days.

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