HMNZS KANIERE Suva, Rugby Team Oct 1951

The following was received from Norah Young who is the daughter of Hector F Crichton.

Hector was in the RN as a Leading Telegraphist on the submarines Zeehond, Turpin and Trusty which saw active service in the North Sea, Arctic Circle and North Atlantic during WWII.  Hector also served time in the Pacific with the NZ Navy serving in HMNZS Kaniere in the late 1940’s and was part of their Rugby team under Lt Cdr D.B. Holdsworth in 1951. Hector is now 91 years old and lives in Motueka and until recently still played a good game of golf. (There is a tree planted on the occasion of his playing a round of 89 ‘off the stick’ his age at the time.) Last weekend he walked to the war memorial for the Anzac ceremony.

His daughter inquires if any of our members were part of this rugby team.  If you can assist in any way please leave a comment to this post.

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4 Responses to HMNZS KANIERE Suva, Rugby Team Oct 1951

  1. Bill McLauchlan (ex L/Tel NZ11400) says:

    Hector Fergus (Spotty) was at Waiouru W/T when I arrived there early 1948. I played in the “ship’s” rugby team with him – he played as fullback. I can’t remember when or where he went after his posting there but I do remember him as a character and a universally liked and admired guy. Great to know he’s still around and bet he’s still got his dry sense of humour.
    Bill McLauchlan ex L/Tel NZ11400

  2. Colin Spence says:

    Colin Spence (Tex) NZ 11679. Whilst I was at the Naval W/T Station in 1950 as a young Tel just drafted off the Bellona,Spotty Crighton, Wally Codd, and Rosie Rissetto were great mates and took me for a run ‘ashore’ to the Gretna Hotel in Taihape and introduced me to a day out at the Bar! What a day that was! I am so glad to hear that he is still alive and kicking in the Motueka RSA no doubt! That year we entered a five a side Hockey team in a central northisland tourney at Taihape with about 14 or 15 other teams from as far away as Palmerston North, Hastings,Wanganui,etc. The final upshot was that we played off in the final and finished runners up. The other players in the team besides Spotty and me were Trevor Harvey ,Wimpy Wellington,and one other who I cant remember. I will send a photo of us to Frank Rands by snail post as am unable to produce a decent enough copy from my camera. Spotty was a real top guy as Bill said and I always admired him for having a go at any sport whatever. Well Done Spotty!

  3. albert cross says:

    The 12th W/T boys( less Bob Rhodes)( then Od”s ) were drafted from Bellona to ZLO in May 1950 . I was in “C” watch with Spotty along with Bill Bailey , Allan (Dinger) Bell (Achilles River Plate Vet) , Moose Aitken, Geo Hilliar, Tubby Glass, Harry Stokell , Lyndsay Richardson . Will always remember Spot’s sporting nature the night I walked out of a Crown & Anchor game in the Wrennery after pocketing six quid from an investment on the “Hat”. ” %@!)&!!@^(#*. ” If you go to the photo gallery you will find Spot sandwiched between Geo Hilliar and Bob Hooper.

  4. Lofty says:

    May I intrude, and wonder if Hector did not serve and play rugby with my old man…Lofty Durham..???

    I know Dad served on the Kaniere around that time, as a telegraphist, any info would be welcome, just cause I loved the old bastard.

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