I don’t remember the TAMAKI barracks (dormitories) ever looking like this.  I was there in 1966.  Click HERE to read story.

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  1. Jim D says:

    Watch the video – further on, there is a shot looking at the seaward side with a grassed area in the foreground. The only area where these two barracks are, may be above the football field. They do not appear to be the Tamaki accommodation that surrounded the parade ground, which would make these two buildings further round to the right in the vicinity of the MEs Training Wing.

  2. Jim D says:

    Further to the above – as you look through the window, there is a house to the right which I think used to be the CO’s house.

  3. Frank Rands says:

    The parade ground has now been turned to grass and the building to the right as you look through that window is the old Narrow Neck Officers Mess. I think the old senior rates mess has been demolished. F.

  4. gunther says:

    the c.o.’s house has long gone, what u can see is the officers mess..

  5. Kerry Williams says:

    I was in the last class of Boys,o/n nz18639,i have very fond memories of my year (1966) at Tamaki

  6. Fred Wilson says:

    Agree with Gunther and Frank. The view through the window is looking North with the Officers Mess, now a chic café, on the right. The refurbished barrack buildings were behind and East of the White House, and last used as the female trainees accommodation – which is why you were never in there Jim Dell.

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