A number of members have indicated that they cannot make this years reunion in Wellington for personal/medical reasons.  However, albeit that they cannot personally attend, they still would like to wish all those attending a successful reunion.  So, if you would like to add your name to the list of those wishing attendees all the very best for the reunion, then please leave your name as a comment to this post.  Your names will be included in the Reunion Booklet and you have until Thursday, 7 May 2015 to do this as the booklet is due to go to the printers on Friday.  Thank you.

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  1. Mike Dinwiddie says:

    please accept my apologies for not attending
    the reunion. This is due to medical reasons.
    I hope it all goes well and look forward to the next in 2018.

  2. Jim D says:

    M.R.U. due to personal reasons. I’m sure that the reunion will go well and wish all those attending to have a good time and behave themselves. Best wishes Jim and Vicki Dell

  3. mac says:

    I wish everyone all the best for the reunion, sadly unable to make it for the same reason as Dins.
    Mac (Kevin McNamara)

  4. Tiwha Hakaria says:

    I am unable to make the reunion due to overseas travel, but i certainly wish everyone who attends all the best.
    Hak (Tiwha Hakaria)

  5. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    All the very best to all, sorry will not be able to attend but as we will be back living in Austrslia later this year hope to make the 2018 reunion. Stay safe and well, good sail to all Alan (Tug) Wildon Arkansas USA

  6. Buck Rodgers says:

    Wish all attending the re-union all the best, sorry unable to attend,
    Kind Regards to all
    Rex(Buck) Rodgers

  7. Terry Patterson says:

    All the best for the re-union, unfortunately bad timing due to changes in work commitments and family here in Western Australia.
    Terry Patterson

  8. D Johnson says:

    All the best to all attending this re-union – like a few of us – medical reasons prevent me from attending

    Nunky Johnson

  9. Casper says:

    Also MRU. I was planning it but like so many things nowadays it didn’t quite work out. All the best to those attending and also to those who are unable.
    Love, light and peace
    Casper Neil

  10. George Randell says:

    Regretfully unable to attend, best wishes to all the attendees George Randell

  11. Iona says:

    Hey! 🙂
    I had planned to be part of this awesome reunion but unfortunately it did not coordinate with my long overdue holidays.
    Have a fantastic weekend!!
    Kindest regards!
    Iona (Graham) 🙂

  12. All those turning up for the reunion , be good and have fun. Maybe some other time. Arohanui Joyce Koia Tschabold

  13. Chris Bond says:

    To all attendees at this years reunion I wish you all the best for a great weekend of catching up with each sharing dits and dahs and all things flags as well. Unfortunately I am unable to join you all for the weekend but certainly hope that I can for the next reunion. Regards Chris Bond

  14. Bob Sadler says:

    Bob Sadler

    Apologies. Just had pacemaker inserted and hve blood disorder as well. Bugga. All the best old mates…

  15. Jim Bettridge says:

    MRU All best to those attending.
    Michele and Jim Bettridge

  16. Alan Hyslop says:

    Unfortunately I cant be there. Best wishes to everyone. Alan Hyslop

  17. Wayne (Wiggy) Bennett says:

    MRU also, medical reasons, all the very best for the reunion and hope to meet up for 2018.

  18. Christine Jackson says:

    Have a good time all those attending this reunion. Maybe next time.
    Kind regards

  19. Martin Frost says:

    Not able to attend this years reunion. Enjoy the weekend and catching up with old mates.

  20. Mike Harrington says:

    M.R.U. Can’t make it but wish I could be there! All the best to all hope it goes well, regards Mike Harrington

  21. Ray Jones says:

    M.R.U. Gosh, I’m surprised at so many M.R.U’s for medical reasons. I’m so fortunate I’m ok. My M.R.U is for business/family reasons. I guess I’ll make one in the future though. I hope you all have a cool time. It would be awesome to catch up with you all again. Enjoy the weekend mates. Kind regards. Ray Thailand

  22. Patrick Haddock says:

    M.R.U. to attend, however thinking of you all and I hope you have a terrific time. This is late due to only just receiving notification.
    Best wishes to all.

  23. Derek Lawford says:

    Hope all who attend have a great reunion, unfortunately due to family/personal commitments I will be unable to attend, hopefully next time. Derek ‘Digger’ Lawford

  24. Jude says:

    All the best for the reunion everyone…..just moved into our new home and couldn’t swing it this year. Hope to make the next one….South Island or Aussie maybe??

  25. charlie chase says:

    I was anticipating being part of the 2015 comms reunion but unfortunately commitments have arisen and unable to attend, to all those attending enjoy as I know you will.

  26. Brownie says:

    Sorry guys. i know how gutted you will all be in hearing that I am unable to attend this years wee soiree. Had it all sorted to fly over but trying to keep the people at WA Health happy is a full time job believe me. Hope everyone has a blast and great catch up. Some of the names above me bring back some memories. All the best shipmates.

  27. Belinda Jane says:

    So many names and memories – one day I will be back in the country at the right time – hope all those not well recover soon and I will see you all at the next one.

  28. Kerry Hamilton says:

    apologies, overseas travel (in Rome at the time). Have a great reunion and
    enjoy the club, its a good one
    Speed Hamilton

  29. Richard (Blackie) Blackmoore says:

    Hi, A lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge, since hanging up my number 1’s. There are still a good number of names I remember, but for all, I wish the best for everyone and have a GREAT time. Due to work commitments, I tender my apologies (again).

  30. Brian Edwards says:

    Hi, due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel bookings again! Wishing you all a great reunion and hopefully there will be a next time.
    Cheers Pilz

  31. Peter Robb says:

    Hi to old shipmates et al….Sadly I missed the Reunion and seeing who was there it would have been great. I was away in the UK and France. I visited Portsmouth and has it changed, managed to get lots of photos which I hope to post on the site…it wasnt until I did the harbour cruise that I then got my bearings but had a fabulous time there. Went up to Petersfield with the view of going to have a look at HMS Mercury – well it doesnt exist anymore. There is a website with the RN to show those who did training there what it was like. Definitely will be at the next REUNION. One of the Twins

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