Two Sparkers and a Gollie


Looking good guys  Bill Welch, Steve Mowbray and Malcom (Buck) Taylor.

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5 Responses to Two Sparkers and a Gollie

  1. macandjude says:

    That police programme a few nights ago – I think there’s warrants out for these three blokes.

  2. Les Rabone says:

    Looking good there gentlemen. Maybe its that refreshment you’re enjoying that does it. – Bones

  3. Steve Mowbray says:

    Hi Bones, how is the big melbourne treating you at the moment,- Mowbes

  4. Les Rabone says:

    Greetings Steve. Mad Melbourne is as crazy as ever. In the depths of a freezing winter. But a generous scotch once in a while makes it all good. Bones.

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