When I was in the Navy

A little ditty from Dusty Miller

When I was in the Navy, I wanted to be out,
No more daily orders, no more P.O’s shout,
No more middle watches, no more skippers rounds,
No more swing of hammocks. no more tannoy sounds.

No more pussers dhobi, no more number ones,
No more saluting officers, no more bangs of guns,
No more jackstay transfers, no more RAS at night,
No more heaving rough seas, no more brass so bright.

No more action stations, no more pussers kye,
No more call the hands, no more bread so dry.
No more noisy engines, no more lifebouy ghost,
No more seven days number nines, no more mail to post.

But when I’d left the Navy and settled down outside,
The bad times soon forgotten, the tales I’d tell with pride,
Now I miss the things I’ve seen and done, and it doesn’t seem so bad,
In fact I’d recommend the life to any enquiring lad.

I miss borrowing clothes for a run ashore. even if they didn’t fit,
I miss a dinner time sesh, and rabbit runs, and movie runs and more.
I miss the messdeck lawyers, banyans, and the messdeck bore.
I miss make and mends and long weekends, and the rush to catch the train

I miss the mates I had, now lost touch, but hope to meet again,
I miss the arguments at tot times, sippers, gulpers, and Queens,
I miss travelling the world, seeing things that civvies could only dream

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