I recently received this story of the ship wreck of HMNZS HAUTAPU and mention of an old shipmate Jake Huka which I thought you may find interesting. Thanks to Paul London who I am sure some of you will remember from Stout Street Days.


Click HERE to read the story.

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  1. Pilz Edwards says:

    Great story. As for Jake, yes he certainly was a character. We joined Pussers together. Boy could that guy sing. Another ditty that did the rounds was that he was offered to join ”The Howard Morrison Quartet” only on the condition he got some new teeth! He never did. A great mate who will always be remembered.

  2. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    Jake always denied it with one of his toothless smiles. Now there was one of the comms real characters. RIP JAKE

  3. Peter Hinton says:

    Pete Hinton says;
    Jake did get a partial plate I flatted with him in Wellington while we were both at comms centre and when we went to parties he would give me his plate to hold while he worted someone out then pick his plate up from my top pocket. RIP JAKE..

  4. Chook says:

    Jake was a killick in the NCC in about 1969, I was to pick up my hook and become Captains Yeoman {dayman!!!} in Philomel. I came back from Philomel after picking up my hook and didn’t have one to wear so Jake took his floating hook off and gave it to me and said ‘Everyone knows I’m a killick, you keep it!! and he reckoned his one ambition at the time was to ride a bike through Ponsonby and yell out ‘coconuts are c…..s and live!! RIP Jake

  5. Dave Wistrand says:

    i went to Jake’s funeral service on a Marae just south of Rotorua I found it quite a sad affair was hijacked by some lot who I cannot remember if they were religious or maori focused who had a captive audience and were going to make their point regardless of who it was they were burying. But it certainly wasn’t Jake they were on about. On Otago we were in Sydney and a few of us were bussed up to Wellington NSW for ANZAC Day was a hard night prior and during the outside service Jake decided he had to “go” so walked away from the parade and had a pee on a tree close by in full view. Back onboard I was selected to take his cap off while the warrant was read as they did in those days forget what he got a badge possibly. Another time we were in Rotorua driving along and got stopped and the cops (BB – Before Breathalyser) decided I was too pissed to drive so had to wake up Jake who was flaked in the passenger seat (no licence) and he had to drive – until the cops disappeared and we swopped back again. Talent Quest at the old Milford Marina – Flatting in Takapuna – Leaving a restaurant in Lambton Quay without paying – Good Hand

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