From the images received it was obvious that the buntings were present but having difficulty seeing any sparkers in the backgrounds.  Maybe they all had the morning watch!


 CPOYS Greg Hanson


Ex CPOYS John Titmus


 Cdr Frank Rands with his Grand Children Poppy and Coco

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5 Responses to ANZAC DAY 2015

  1. Jim D says:

    No – we were all at the Dawn Services…

  2. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    Hi to you all from Arkansas, some names to the faces would be nice for us old and short of memory buntings tks Frank

  3. Chook says:

    Most of the photos I’ve seen of sparkas have been of them lurking on the upper deck sun bathing or the suchlike, which is probably why they are camera shy…..

  4. John Bullock says:

    Is that your cap Frank, it looks like it was made in North Korea!

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