Thoughts on Reunions

This was recently posted by Jack Donnelly on facebook and it really is food for thought.

REUNIONS – “What will tomorrow bring?” I want to share with you all the importance of Reunions. What has prompted me to write this post is the sad loss of Trevor Kingi who sadly passed away just days after the “Long time no see” reunion. Those who attended were so lucky to have seen him before he passed. It also brought back sad memories of one of the few reunions that I attended, the Gunners one several years ago when “Hans” McRoberts dropped dead during that evening. As we age, mature and approach the “Twilight” of our lives, we have more opportunities now to attend reunions. There are the Ship, Class, Branch, Intakes and other occasions to meet, reflect and remember the times when we were young fit and robust sailors. We are life time friends with a unique back ground and life in the Navy, we have created that special mateship, and bond that “civvies” have never experienced. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, So next time you see a fellow matelot cherish the time you have with them. If you can make a reunion go for it. 

“Let us never forget who we are and where we have come from.”

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1 Response to Thoughts on Reunions

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    When I go Jack I am always amazed at how young and good looking I still am and how all the others have got old and saggy – But agree don’t have to go to everything but every now and again is good especially Branch ones

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