Morse Question 010

Here ye go this is an easy one.  Press Play to listen

What is the submarine distress frequency?

A. 4340 khz.

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5 Responses to Morse Question 010

  1. albert cross says:

    It was in 4 mhz range (well it was in 1951) could have been 4300 or 4600 or 4875 . Cannot really remember but we sure put Admiralty in a spin when HMAS Thorough which was due in Auckland (ex Sydney) around 0900 failed to report her position at the 0600 schedule. At 0700 we sent a (zbo -O- subsmash 1) ) on FX 11. At 0830 Thorough surfaced half way between Tiri and Little Barrier and when asked where the hell they had been , they replied :- “It looked as choppy as hell up there so we did’nt bother”. Fool Brittania.

  2. John Bullock says:


  3. peter smith says:


  4. Dave Earl says:


  5. Jim D says:

    Where is the play button?

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