General Question 010

Here is an image of an ensign staff which is a little different to what we were used to.  Note the positioning of the crown.   Obviously RAN but what ship is this staff attached?


 Very hard to ensure the ensign looks close up even if you used a ‘head stick’.


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4 Responses to General Question 010

  1. Frank Lewis says:

    It is on the new HMAS Canberra L02.

  2. Casper says:

    Leading Seaman Communications and Information Systems Stewart Thurlow raises the Australian White Ensign onboard HMAS Canberra during the commissioning ceremony, Fleet Base East, Sydney. Posh name for a bunting tosser, ain’t it?

    Love light and peace

  3. gunther says:

    looking at flags. on the ex rnzn facebook page they have a photo of the jack being flown down aft on our frigate that is at Anzac cove for the Anzac celebrations. Frank is there any reason for this to be so???

    • Frank Rands says:

      Not 100% sure but it looks like the ship held a dawn service on the quarterdeck whilst underway off ANZAC Cove. The NZ white ensign was flying in the normal sea position and they used the ensign staff to hoist the NZ Flag for the duration of their service. Maybe the Yeoman on board might like to make a comment.

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