A Matelot’s Feed

Jim D recently visited Perth and decided he would have a feed rather than visit HMNZS TE KAHA.  Neill Dorset and Brownie took the hit and visited the ship in lieu.  I think he Jim did pretty well by the look of the spread!



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4 Responses to A Matelot’s Feed

  1. John Bullock says:

    Jim … I did not realise SWMBO was such a good cook. Normally I just get JD and Coke when I stay. Things have improved!

    • Jim D says:

      Fear not Bollox – this was at Fremantle Fishing Harbour. Although “Her indoors” watches many cooking programs, it’s still the basic meat and two vege…

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    Are those Oysters I spy – doesn’t look enough to get them old blokes umhh “ready”??

  3. Jim D says:

    $13 doz at the seafood markets and $16 half doz in the restaurants. It only takes one Dave…

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