Yeo Yeo

Here are two more Chief Yeoman.  What are their names?

Blue Gilmour                                                                                            Trefor (Taff) Jones



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6 Responses to Yeo Yeo

  1. Charles Conroy says:

    Chief Yeoman on the right with the Captain is Taff Jones.

  2. Peter Broom says:

    The chief in the left photo is Bluey Gilmour

  3. Ian Buckingham says:

    Dead right Charlie..Was gonna put that in….Do you remember the monkey he on on Royalist in ’56

    • Bill Bartlett says:

      Hey Buck!! How are yer!
      Yeah I also remember that Monkey we had on Royalist> . If I recall, Seaman Boy Joey Banks “acquired it” in Sierra Leone .Was given permission from the Commander thru our skipper Peter Phipps to keep it onboard until we got to Mauritius. I recall one of the Sailmakers onboard made a “mick” for it which was slung in the Boys Mess Deck across the Stbd side from us Comms.mess. I believe the Boys taught it to give itself a “you know wot” in its mick.!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Well done lads,, Taff Jones came out with the first 4 frigates on TAUPO the Leader of The 11th Frigate. Being a leader was a Chiefs perk(?). I met him later in TAUPO to KOREA in 1951, I was Killick, Taff was unhappy as the skipper was only 2 1/2 Taff said he was not entitled to a CYS. Was shipped on first RNZN ship going home. We got BLUE Gilmore Y.S who was last out commission.

  5. Ian Buckingham says:

    Good to hear from you. Hope we meet up at the reunion…..

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