In the Mess

Certainly a lot of Chief Communicators here. Can you name them and the occasion of the gathering.


L – R  CYeo Jock McNiell, CYeo Bluey Gilmour, CTel Granny Thompson, CYeo Casey Bond, CGMate George Marshall, Unknown, CERA Tony Puffet, CEL Vic Sutherland

Occasion was the retirement of CTEL Granny Thompson.

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6 Responses to In the Mess

  1. Tony Marsden says:

    On the right, Vic Sutherland. Chief Electrician

  2. Tony Marsden says:

    4th from the right, is I think, CGI Marshall. But I have been wrong many times before!

  3. albert cross says:

    the “two star” Chief Tel. looks a bit like Granny Thompson to me but I would’nt bet on it.

  4. Jim Blackburn says:

    Re Photo L to R CYeo Jock McNiell,. CYeo Bluey Gilmour.. CTel Granny Thompson
    CYoe Casey Bond.. CGMate Goerge Marshall… CERA Tony Puffet.. CEL Vic Sutherland

  5. Jim Blackburn says:

    Hi Albie… Re the “two star”C/Tel Granny Thompson……from memory…which is of course
    fallible nowadays… he was a “W/T 1 Higher”.this was under the “öld system” before we had the
    “Ïnstructor” designation…(you can remember that)..
    Again, if my memory serves me correctly, Granny was a L/Tel on HMS Cossack and was in
    the Boarding Party of the Ältmark”in the Norwegian Fiord that freed all the Merchant Seamen
    that had been captured by the “Graf Spee”

  6. Peter Broom says:

    I can remember being in PCO Philomel with Casey Bond and again I think Bluey Gilmour on Bellona

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