Ships Badges

I have a request… as of, and in the Christchurch Earthquakes. I lost, as “Damaged”. beyond repair. a number of mounted Ships Crests and I am seeking a source of replacement of the following: HMNZS Kaniere, HMNZS Taranaki and HMNZS Tamaki. (the Taranaki one I made/painted myself when I was “Chippy’s Mate”)
So … I am asking, if anyone knows of a good reputable source for replacement.. (at a cost, of course).. I have already spoken with Badges and Crests International (Glenfield) theirs are approx $68.00 each. If anyone else has any ideas or competitive vendors sources etc.. please let me know..

In addition to the above…. I would like to know if there was a HMNZS Santon crest struck (in a Kiwi flavour ie, with silver ferns )  many thanks to one and all…
Cheer’s Basil Rurtherford.

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