Morse Question 006

Here is this weeks question.  Press Play to Listen.

6. Type 619/CAT equipment was installed in which RNZN ships?

A. HMNZ Ships Hickleton and Santon

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7 Responses to Morse Question 006

  1. John Bullock says:

    Hickleton and Santon

  2. Bevan Lawes says:

    Royalist only

  3. Bevan Lawes says:

    The real old guys will remember that Royalist had two sets. One in the UTR (Upper Transmitter Room) and the other in the BWO (Bridge Wireless Office).

    • Jim D says:

      Wasn’t there in the 60’s Bevan. 618 complete in the BWO – left hand far corner as you came in the door. However, not to say that it wasn’t there in the 50’s.

      • Jim D says:

        However, the notes I have pre-60’s also has the 618 as fitted. Perhaps Jim Blackburn can remember.

  4. Someone told me Blackpool had it when it arrived but we changed it may be crap of course
    Santon and Hicklton seems likely

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