General Question 006

Okay what is the name of this ship?



A. USS Belleau Wood

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9 Responses to General Question 006

  1. John Bullock says:

    USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) is the third Wasp-class amphibious assault ship of the United States Navy. She is the fifth ship to be named (the fourth actually commissioned) in honor of the USS Kearsarge, a sloop-of-war.

  2. Mike Catlow says:

    Looks like USS Wasp……..

  3. PB says:

    USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3)

  4. Casper says:

    This is the USS “Belleau Wood”, Tarawa class amphibious assault ship. Launched 1977, deployed amongst other places East Timor 2005. Sunk as a target off Hawaii during RIMPACo6

  5. Chook says:

    USS Kearsarge LHD3???

  6. Peter.Mcneill says:

    Uss Kearsarge (LHD 3)

  7. albert cross says:

    Illustrious ???

  8. Mole says:

    USS La Salle

  9. gunther says:

    belleue wood

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