I Can See You!

The Vancouver Canucks Fan Zone along Georgia St. for Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final was captured at 5:46 pm on June 15, 2011. It is made up of 216 photos (12 across by 18 down) stitched together, taken over a 15-minute span, and is not supposed to represent a single moment in time. The final hi-res file is 69,394 X 30,420 pixels or 2,110 megapixels. Special thanks to Bonita Howard and CBC Real Estate.

Click HERE to view.  No wonder they found the Boston Bombers so fast.  Pick on  a small part of the  crowd click a couple of times — wait — click a  few more times and see how clear each  individual face will become  each time.


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4 Responses to I Can See You!

  1. Barrie Chivers says:

    Glad they didn’t have these cameras during the times of our runs ashore in foreign parts.

  2. Jim D says:

    Had you kept yourself pure and behaved yourself like us sparkers Barry, then you need not have worried about the cameras in the first place…

  3. John Bullock says:

    JImD …. You speak with “Forked Tongue”! You could write an autobiography of your “Runs Ashore”. Between you and Herr Gunther, they would be best sellers, but R18 restriction of course!

  4. Casper says:

    Run ashore?? You lot would be lucky to manage a “hobble ashore” nowadays, wouldn’t you?
    Love, light, and peace

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