Who is this Bikie?

Here is one which will take you back a bit…  Who is this bikie communicator outside Kuching Hospital visiting a Hickleton crew member?


Yes. this is Patrick ‘Fish’ Haddock who is currently living in Tasmania.

Thanks Ernie P for the image.

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11 Responses to Who is this Bikie?

  1. John Bullock says:

    Fish Haddock

  2. Jim D says:

    Patrick (Fish) Haddock

  3. gunther says:

    im thinking and I could be wrong..fisherman haddock???

  4. Bill Bartlett says:

    Re “Bikie” Looks like “Fish” Haddock (sparker)

  5. Rod says:

    I will be catching up with Fish this Friday at Devonport in Tasmania. I am sure he will have something to say about his youthful profile

  6. Jim D says:

    He’s up for anything…

    • Rod says:

      Nothing has changed James, I never turn down an invitation or adventure. At this stage of life playing ‘catch up’ is not an option. Looking forward to your company at the Reunion in May

      • Jim D says:

        Sorry Rodders – can’t make it this year. Please give mine and Vicki’s regards to Pat when you see him.

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