Morse Question 005

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5. At what times were silent periods observed on 500khz and 2182khz?

A. 500kHz 15-18 and 45-48 minutes past the hour. 2182KHz 00-03 and 30-33 minutes past the hour.

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3 Responses to Morse Question 005

  1. John Bullock says:

    All stations using 2182 kHz were required to maintain a strictly enforced three-minute silence and listening period twice each hour, starting at h+00, h+30.
    and 500Khz….
    Silence and listening period on 500 KHz between h+15 and h+18 and from h+45 to h+48.

  2. albert cross says:

    S.P’s on 500 Khz were 15 to 18 minutes and 45 to 48 minutes past the hour. On 2182 it was on the hour and half past the hour .

  3. peter smith says:

    500kHz 15-18 & 45-48 minutes past the hour
    2182kHz 30-33 & 57-00minutes pst the hour
    Peter Smith

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