Early Buntings

Here is a photo of a class of buntings who did their training at Dunedin.  It is thought that this training was possibly conducted at HMNZS Toroa. The photo was taken in 1943 and provided by Mark McGuire who is the son of SIG Emmett de Valera McGuire who crossed the bar 5 Feb 1980.  Emmett is in the middle row, second from right with his cap sloping in the opposite direction to the others in that row.


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9 Responses to Early Buntings

  1. Jim D says:

    A small signals training school began Dunedin in June 1943 but by 1945 had been transferred to HMNZS Tasman (Lyttelton).There are no records of there being another commissioned shore establishment in Dunedin during the war, other than HMNZS Toroa.

    • gunther says:

      don’t u just love the way they have their hats on their heads..and where some of the bows are..didn’t happen in my time..certain jossmen would knock that lot into shape, literally

      • MikeDinwiddie says:

        You are so right Gunther. Look like bloody scranbags to say the least, shall we name the Jossman that would have knocked em into shape?

    • Jim D says:

      Ok – further research has shown the following regarding Toroa. The RNVR (NZ Division) came into being in 1924 with the Otago Division forming in June 1928. All four divisions closed down in 1940 with their buildings used as navy offices for the duration of WWII and in 1947-48 the divisions had their premises refurbished for re-establishment and renamed RNZNVR Divisions. HMNZS Toroa was commissioned 4 December 1951.
      Ngapona and Olphert commissioned in 1950 and Pegasus in 1951.

  2. albert cross says:

    my son-in-law (ex Timaru) reckons that 98% of these bods must have come from the West Coast !!!!.

  3. Dave Wistrand says:

    Read Jack Salters history under the Memories Tab for background on Signals at Toroa earlier than this lot but still interesting

  4. Jim D says:

    This training took place at the old Otago Division of the RNVR, which was situated in a building at the corner of Willis and Tewsley Streets, not far from the wharves

  5. Jim D says:

    We’re not the buildings at Tasman made of wood?

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