General Question 3

What happened to this ship?



Answer. HMNZS South Sea Converted Trawler. Sank 19 Dec 1942 at 0920 after being hit by the inter-island ferry Wahine  off Pt Halswell, Wellington, at 0834. One rating slightly injured and two thrown overboard who were subsequently rescued. The captain of the South Sea had caused it to cross the course of the Wahine. Wahine’s bow was damaged but she continued on to Lyttelton three hours later after having her hull inspected by a diver.

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4 Responses to General Question 3

  1. Chris White says:

    HMNZS SOUTH SEA used for harbour defence duties. Lost after a collision with WAHINE in Wellington harbour 19 December 1941. Saw her on the harbour seabed via side scan sonar when serving on TARAPUNGA in ’84. Very clear image.

  2. Casper says:

    This is the trawler T08 “South Sea”, 322 tons, built 1912 and served with the RNZN during WW2. It was sunk in Wellington Harbour on 19.12.1942 after colliding with the Wahine.
    Love light and peace

  3. John Bullock says:

    Sunk by the Waihine Wellington Harbour 1942

  4. Peter Arnold says:

    T08 South Sea 1/10/41 Trawler of 322 tons. Built 1912.
    Sunk in Wellington Harbour after
    collision with Wahine on 19/12/42.

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