General Question 2

What was the name of this Indonesian cruiser which operated during the Indonesian Confrontation?



Answer – KRI Irian – a Russian Sverdlov class cruiser, could have been the Commonwealth FESR Fleet’s biggest threat had it put to sea. Formerly the Ordzhonikidze, this was sold to Indonesian in 1962.  She displaced over 16,000 tons full load and her main armament was 12 x 6 inch guns in four turrets.

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13 Responses to General Question 2

  1. Nick Carter says:

    Irian ex USSR Sverdalov Class Cruiser

  2. Casper says:

    This would appear to be the ex Russian cruiser “Ordzonikidze” which was built in 1949 and sold to Indonesia in 1962, where it was re-commissioned as the KRI “Irian”. Sold to Taiwan as scrap in 1972.
    As a point of interest, the “Ordzonikidze” was the ship that Buster Crabb disappeared whilst snooping in the vicinity in 1956.

  3. Casper says:

    and because I love seeing my name in print, I must add that should any of you ever visit the real NZ and come to Invercargill, get a meal at the Buster Crabb restaurant-(Bluff oysters, crayfish etc)-all of the information is printed on their menu-small world eh? No I don’t own it and won’t even get a free coffee for this plug.
    Oh and by the way, it is in the high (plus, you cynics) twenties celcius today.

    love light and peace

  4. gunther says:


  5. Ernie Pope says:

    IRIAN ex Russian ORZHONIKIDZE, something like that, Not that good with Russian.

  6. Stan Foster says:

    In 1969 when “Blackpool” visited Serabaya?? on our way home from FES this ship was sitting on the bottom, leaning to stb with the #1 turret sinking into the deck. I do not recall the name but I can say that it is the Russian ship that took Kruschauf?? (Russian Pres) to the UK in 1956 and it is believed that the brit diver Buster Crabb was “taken” while inspecting it.

  7. Mike Catlow says:

    That would have been the ex Russian cruiser which Indonesia renamed as KRI Irian. A rather sad tale as it was never utilised for its intended uses and ended up as scrap in 1970.

  8. Red Matthews says:

    The “WEST IRIAN” ?

  9. John Bullock says:

    Ordzhonikidz (1950) – Sold to Indonesia 1962, renamed Irian, broken up 1972

  10. Alan (Tug)wilson says:


  11. Stan Foster says:

    Is it the “Sverdlov Class” ORDZHINSKY which they obtained in 1962. It is also the ship that took Nikita Khrushchev to the UK in 1956, and which Brit diver Lionel (Buster) Crabb disappeared while inspecting it for MI6 while it was in Portsmouth Harbour.
    In 1969 while in transit to NZ from FES, we visited Surabaya Navy Base and it was sitting on the bottom and the #1 turret was sinking into the deck. Everything that the Russians had given to the Indonesians seemed to be in various stages of decay.

  12. Pete says:

    The ship is a Sverdlov Class Cruiser.
    She was named ORDZHONIKIDZE in the Soviet Navy.
    On being handed over to the Indonesian Navy,she was renamed “IRIAN”

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