Waikato on Delivery Voyage

Here is an image of HMNZS Waikato on her delivery voyage.  In addition, below is also an image of AEW Ken Ireland.  Thanks Brian H for the images.

10636511_10203200094665022_7949142553183534448_o 10926259_10203200094385015_5356090234678089485_o

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13 Responses to Waikato on Delivery Voyage

  1. Murray says:

    Thats Ken Ireland.

    Regards Murray

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  2. Jim D says:

    Ken Ireland?

  3. gpcox says:

    A wonderful site you have here. I wish I had the time to comment on all those I visited.

  4. Jim D says:

    Depending upon the year, was Ken an AEW then or an ARD?? Don’t forget, you had to be a Killick first before changing over.

    • John Bullock says:

      We were only there for a few hours, just to top-up FFO enroute Port-of-Spain …. No leave whilst there!

    • John Bullock says:

      Funny that James, it was ok for all the Sparkers to do a UA8 and UA9 course at HMS Mercury due to the lack of EW’s

    • Dave Wistrand says:

      Think you are confused with the Killick bit Jim – I wasnt and we certainly run Leading Hand courses later on – Though we were especially selected so were automatic killick material

      • Jim D says:

        Well on Waikato in 1970/71 we only had LEWs – Lionel Tuhiwai and Red Scanlan. I don’t recall AEWs coming into the EW branch until a bit later. On posting to Otago in 75, the EW branch had AEWs then but they couldn’t read morse. So, when was Ken Ireland an AEW – it certainly wasn’t on Waikato’s commissioning trip.

  5. albert cross says:

    I saw the Waikato only briefly somewhere around the early 90’s when the Navy threw open the gates to the public and the Wellington and Southland were open for inspection. The Aussie sub HMAS Ovens was also there at the time but I was unable to get onboard as the queue nearly extended to the “Splade”. However, the Waikato was in drydock and was totally divested of all it’s grey paint and liberally daubed in sea chrome and other anti-fouling mixtures. I stand corrected but I believe that she lay in that dock for approximately 18 months .The tax payers probably would not have been impressed had they known…..

  6. Dave Wistrand says:

    Jim – We did the conversion course as RO(2)’s/ARD’s or whatever the nomenclature was then, said Conversion Course was a Killicks course – I was certainly an Able Rate on Otago at the end of my conversion course and once the Leadership Examine was out of the way was promoted to LRO(W) on the basis of (Co”s words – “Looks big enough and ugly enough to look after himself” – no wonder I am still wounded mentally and drink – But could go to the front of the scran queue
    which is not to be sneezed at

  7. Jim D says:

    Thanks Dave – looking at the training register on this website, there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled in by EWs.

  8. John Bullock says:

    There was an administrative problem during the early days of the formation of “new” EW branch i.e. EW’s were on the same promotion roster as the RO’s. This was particularly noticeable on board ship overseas when you had an LEW and a LRD qualified for PEW or PRD respectively, and the PRD had to return home. If the PEW was senior on the combined promotion roster he got the acting, even though his duty station continued to be in the EWO. The LRD simply “filled the shoes” of the absent PRD for no reward!

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