Morse Question 1/2015

Here is the first morse question for 2015. Good Luck Click Play to Listen,

1. How many New Zealanders who flew for the fleet air arm were executed by the Japanese in World War Two?


Two – Sub-lieutenant (A) J. K. Haberfield, RNZNVR, of HMS Indomitable, and Sub-Lieutenant (A) E. J. Baxter, RNZNVR, of HMS Illustrious, were shot down on 26 January 1945 during an attack on the oil refineries at Palembang,Sumatra. They were captured by the Japanese and, in February 1945, sent to Singapore where they were placed in Outram Road gaol. At the end of July 1945 they were executed, together with seven other Fleet Air Arm pilots.

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1 Response to Morse Question 1/2015

  1. albert cross says:

    there were two. Sub-Lieut (A) J K Haberfield and Sub-Lieut (A) E J Baxter.

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