Communicators from 1965 (CS 82)

Here is a likely bunch of Communicators from the 1965 January intake.  Have a go at putting names to these chaps.   Thanks Frank L for the image

Comms Jan 1965

Back Row L – R  Butch Kingi, Ken Ireland, Keith Walsh, ?, Kerry Brooker, Frank Lewis, Murray Nash, Lee Hallmond.

Sitting L – R   Richard Blackmore, Daryl Keegan, Dan Warrington, George Naera, Adrian Kaye, John Titmus, Greg Knaggs, Neill Dorset.

Absent – Neville Lockley and Eric Brunger

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7 Responses to Communicators from 1965 (CS 82)

  1. Jim D says:

    Sitting far right is Neil Dorset

  2. John Bullock says:

    Sitting Far Right looks like Neil Dorset

  3. John Bullock says:

    CORRECT … except when it WAS “Up Spirits”. It was very hard to keep pace with you Jim!

  4. Neill Dorset says:

    Greetings Jim & John – thanks for pointing out where I was sitting. I would not have realised that. I think you will find that Neville Lockley and Eric Brunger were not in the Class at Tamaki but joined once we got to North head. The ?? mark guy, plus Daryl Keenan and Adrian Kaye all left the Navy before we graduated from Tamaki.

  5. Peter Mitchell says:

    The guy in the back row marked ? looks like Wayne Jenkins. I met up with these guys at North Head, as I joined as an O/seaman and completed 3 months sea time on Rotoiti first.

  6. Neill Dorset says:

    Well hello PJ…haven’t heard from you in years. Met up with Blackie and we were talking about the old group and we were wondering where you had gotten to. He is in Qld and I’m further west (Perth)
    Hope all is well with your health these days?

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