A Question of Time

Name the Communications Branch crew which served in HMNZS TARANAKI in 1975-76?


Sparkers: John Paull


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13 Responses to A Question of Time

  1. gunther says:

    Gunther lro march 76-dec76

  2. Jim D says:

    The comms senior sparkers in 1975/76 were Al Tritt, then Frank Lewis. Bunting was John Ttimus

  3. Rod B says:

    Without having the paperwork in front of me, I am reasonably sure I was promoted to PRD in 1975 whilst on Taranaki with Al but I cannot recall whether he posted off or I did as a result of my promotion I do recall he got very excited with my success and had to take to his bunk quite early in the afternoon!

  4. franlynn says:

    I was PRD on Taranaki from 3 May 1976 until 26 April 1977. I replaced Al Tritt.

  5. Glenn Brady says:

    I passed professionally for Able Seaman 2/9/76 on Taranaki during process to convert to Divers Branch. I think I was LEW in 75 on Taranaki

  6. Brownie says:

    I was there yet again – let me find my micky ducks for the exact timing however JT was my Yeo I believe

  7. I was on Taranaki from Feb 75 thru to July under Jeff Still then on a slow boat to Scotland (Monowai)

  8. I was on Taranaki from the 3rd March 1975 thru to 21st Oct 1975. Far East Trip.
    Also with us, LSG Frank Rands, LRD Rod Berry, LEW Mohi Takiari. Asg Shina Wright.

  9. Chook says:

    In fact I was the Yeoman on Taranaki in the early part of 1975, Frank was the LSG. I came home early although my mickey ducks don’t say why, maybe my face didn’t fit. John Titmus replaced me.

  10. Frank Rands says:

    Chook, I actually stayed on and got promoted when you posted home.. Chris Carl was the skipper. I was then replaced by John T as I had to fly home from Perth later in the commission.

  11. Bernie Duff says:

    Taranaki was my first posting as ordn fm May 75 to Nov 76. I Scratching my now bald head I can remember Chief Al Tritt, LRD Rod Berry, Ard Lindsay (Dingo) Brooking, Darby (Robin) Allen, Steve Holder, Monk??, Od’s Ron Bryant & myself. EW’s Paul Craggs, Mohi Takiari, Glenn Brady, ???Potter, Garth Nichols, Paul Kearney, Buntings, Frank Rands, Shiner Wright, Phil Aspinal, Tank Mclean, Greg (spitkid) Hansen, ???? Fritz Fraser,

  12. Wings says:

    I posted from Irirangi to Taranaki in early 1976 and Al Tritt was the PRD/CRD until Frank Lewis took over I think. Gunther was the LRD and I think Paul Craggs was PEW, JT was PSG and John Nyman (RIP) was also onboard. I did one trip across to Aussie, the infamous one in Newcastle when we started powering up with all the cables still attached, (close all red openings snap, zip, ping and panic panic..lol), and then I swapped with ARD Lindsay Monk and posted off.

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