Comms Crew HMNZS Taranaki 1970

Here is an image of the Communications Branch of HMNZS Taranaki in 1970. Let’s have a go at naming them by leaving a comment to this post.



Rear L-R   Wayne McClelland, Max Watt, Bob Ohlson, Philip (Red) Mathews, Fish Haddock, Brian Henman, Richard Perkins, Leigh Staples, Finlayson, Pire Wehi, Pils Edwards, Peter Lowish and Buck Rodgers

Sitting L-R   Derek Lawford, Brent Lindqvist, Bruce Harwood, POYS Brian Cookson, LT Trevor Jones, POEW Don McMurray, PRD John Paull, Spike Hughes and Paddy Long.

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9 Responses to Comms Crew HMNZS Taranaki 1970

  1. Red Matthews says:

    Left to right Back row:
    Wayne McClelland, Max Watt, Bob Ohlson , Red Matthews, Fish Haddock Gunther, Richard Perkins , Leigh Staples, ??Finlayson, Pere, Pilz Edwards, Peter Lowish, Buck Rodgers.

    Left to Right Bottom;
    Digger Lawford, Brent Lindqvist, Bruce Harwood, Pog Cookson, T S Jones , Don McMurray, Spike Hughes last but not least Dodger Long.

    Merry Xmas to You and Yours!!


    Red Matthews

  2. Red Matthews says:

    Missed one Next to Don, John PAUL!

  3. Charles Conroy says:

    Right rear left of Peri with the beard Pils Edwards ?


    Rear Row 4th Left Red Matthews, 2nd Right Pete Lowish – Front Row 1st Right Dodger Long Center Lt Trevor Jones

  5. Chook says:

    Next to Pire is Pilz Edwards LSG, sitting front row left Derek Lawford ASG, 3rd left back row Bob Ohlson

  6. Peter Lowish says:

    Bloody good bunch too

  7. Bob Ohlson says:

    Right on Pete !

  8. Red Matthews says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could most of them all together at the re-union.
    So if you know where any of them are apply a little pressure!,
    Has anyone any idea where they are or what happened to them?

  9. Randall Perry says:

    My dad was on the hmsnz taranaki in 1972 was wondering if there was any photos from then

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