Stepping Out

See who can still swagger down Central Auckland.  Image taken at the Battle of the River Plate Celebrations 13 Dec 14.


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7 Responses to Stepping Out

  1. Johno (Nunky) says:

    Not very often you see a Commander as the right hand marker Frank!

  2. MOLE says:

    Gee Frank in our younger days we marched both up and down Queen Street and didn’t you do well no Zimmer Frame in sight.

  3. Neill Dorset says:

    Johno – the reason you see a Commander as ‘the Marker’ is because of the supposed staffing shortage and having no spare ratings they had to resort to ‘co-opting’ officers! Mind you at least he wasn’t ‘donkey marching’ like some folk used to!!!

  4. Casper says:

    Oh, SWAGGER. I thought you said STAGGER !!!!!!!

  5. Jim D says:

    They must have emptied out the Wardroom before lunch to fill up No1 Platoon…

  6. Paul Murray says:

    Great to see you there Frank, well done.

  7. Frank Rands says:

    Okay Guys and Gals, I can tell you that they had a muster on the Friday before the parade to size platoons etc and 1100 sailors and officers turned up. So Commanders were not included because they were short of numbers. The whole parade was led by the four veterans of the BORP in cars, followed by 2 Commodores, then a number of Captains followed by a bunch of Commanders and then down the line. I made up a platoon of Reserve Officers and Ratings. A total of 582 paraded which was the same number which paraded 75 years ago. There were a large number of sailors and officers who were turned away on the Friday muster. Note that the parade was conducted in four ranks, not three, the same as the 1940 parade. The 1940 parade was conducted in Blue Uniforms not White.

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