Ahoy Buntings

The images below have been doing the rounds on facebook and it was suggested that we should bring it back to the home of communications.  Does anyone have any issue with these images?

HMNZS TE KAHA at the Battle of the River Plate Celebrations 13 Dec 14?


This image is of HMNZS Wellington underway in colder parts.


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8 Responses to Ahoy Buntings

  1. gunther says:

    after reading comments on facebook, for me the rnzn is a malaise, it is all P.R. and navy navy navy, forget about protocols and standards or tradition for that matter, that has all gone. I remember talking with the current admiral just after it was announced that he was to be the new boy, and he telling me that his first job was to get the navy’s (read members) confidence back and get things where they used to be and get people wanting to stay in the navy. If you read some of the comments in navy today from the new recruits and what they say about the navy , its all rara, and the navy is the best thing since sliced bread, if its so good then, why are they are all lining up to get out, and why do we have a shortage of manpower, and why are we selling off two of our inshore patrol boats. For me the past 15 odd years has seen some horrible decisions made re the navy and the way it is heading, first off the block would have to be sending woman to sea, I could go on, but in conclusion, the regulating branch, they now tell the sailors how to behave over xmas on how to drive etc etc and they have a page of photos to prove it, oh and they were giving out lollies from memory also. there are a few ex maa’s now passed on who must be turning in their graves..

    • Jim D says:

      Perhaps the two IPVs that the RNZN are getting rid of, should be transferred to the Ministry of Fisheries to carry out coastal patrols that the RNZN are no longer capable of doing.

  2. Johno (Nunky) says:

    Is there a shortage of Bunting these days? not impressed by the look of this at all..

  3. Neill Dorset says:

    My memory and eyesight must be going but can anyone tell me what the other two flags are in the top photo and why the NZ White ensign is being flown beneath another flag? Also I thought we never ‘dressed ship’ whilst underway and if the rules have changed why is that ship ‘dressed’ whilst down at the bottom of the world!!!! I have no problems with women at sea, however I do believe that we have become more interested in ‘political correctness style decisions’ than applying common sense ones -e.g. how many times has NZ ‘bought ships’ or ” were told you need this type of design ‘only to find later they didn’t suit what the Navy wanted, couldn’t stand up to the conditions, or we now can’t afford them and have to sell off the latest patrol craft!!!! ….and now we have a shortage of ‘staff’!!! If I ran a business based on some of these decisions I would have gone bust years ago!!

  4. Frank Rands says:

    The three flags flying are: The New Zealand White Ensign (Stbd Truck), The Governor Generals Flag (Masthead) and the Chief of Navy’s Personal Flat (Ex NZNB Flag) (Port Truck). I believe we may have dressed ship at the time of flying these flags.

  5. Bill Bartlett says:

    Re “Wellington” Dress ship. Agree with Neil. Once underway you dropped yer dressing lines! But the navy nowdays – Gawd Blimey!!

  6. Jim Hastie NZ14757 says:

    Sorry to tread on yours toes Bill. When I was on a goodwill visit to Japan on the Cruiser Royalist, I think it was round 1962. We were going around the Inland Sea visiting all the Factories/Cities etc. On our exit from this sea on the western side there was a causeway called the Shimonoseki Strait, a concrete lined causeway to the open sea. On this occasion the ship was dressed from Bow to Stern with all the flags you could imagine. The causeway was lined on both sides with all the school children of the local area. The leeway between the ship and the concrete was about thirty yards either side, not much room, that’s why we were crawling through there..Mind you this never happened again anywhere while I was still in the Navy. This was the only occasion I can remember
    that this happened.

    Jim Hastie. NZ14757

  7. J.J says:

    The image above is quite confusing, but I can assure you all the flag positions: New Zealand White Ensign Masthead, Governor General Flag STBD Truck, Chief of Navy New Zealand Port Truck. The photo makes the flags look like the NZWE is on a STBD Truck but in actual fact it is on the masthead.
    The reason I know this is because I hoisted them and was watched closely by my Yeoman 😀

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