Brush up on your Morse

Announcing a new radio station – via internet streaming.
W3TTT announces the beginning of a new Internet streaming radio station.

Click on HERE to listen

Comments from the author – I have decided to make it a Morse code site (at least for the present time.)  I wrote an app in Java to generate Morse code sounds from a text file. Then, I thought that was pretty boring. So I added a few features. The app reads a parameters file. One parameter is the URL of a web site. I chose News as my web site. The app will download the current News, filter out all those pesky “tags”, and send the newsy text at 12 words per minute. So the stream is real live News sent as Morse code.

The purpose of the site is for Morse training, your copying of Morse code at 12 words per minute.  And it is oh so much more interesting if the content is something relevant, not just Old Text from old radio magazines.

In my imagination, I am on a Navy ship, as the Communications Officer. In WWII the Navy would send world news for the ship’s crew via Morse code. The news copy would be distributed among the crew. I am the one to do that job, and support the moral of the crew.

On the question of copyrights, the news site that I extract the news headlines from is also extracting the content from other sites on the Internet. So I feel safe in what I am doing.

If you like Morse Code, you will like my new internet radio station stream, I hope. Please click HERE to let me know if you like it, or if you have any problems.

Joe Cotton, W3TTT

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2 Responses to Brush up on your Morse

  1. Murray says:

    that link doesnt appear to work?

    Regards Murray

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Murray Nash says:

    Ok, the link works on my laptop, just not on my I-pad.



    Murray Nash 5 Calico Line

    Marton (06) 327 8817 (027) 664 5526 Skype: mcnash-nz

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