Here is a photo of a Communications Forum held at the Devonport Naval Base in 1983.  Click on image to enlarge



Rear Row L-R  Alan Nicholson, Rod Berry, Peter Trainor, Tom Hiini, Charlie Matenga, Harvie Graham and Peter Mitchell.

Middle Row L-R  Gary Rzepecky, Chris Bond, Martin Frost, Kevin Blundell, Paul Murray, Lawrence Hunt, Frank Rands, Brian Henman, Geoff Brown, Bob Ratu, Gary Johnson, John Titmus, Dave Earl, Chris Farrow, Anne Hine and Michelle Hawe.

Sitting L-R  Bill Bartlett, Tug Wilson, Owen Young, Ross Sanson, Malcolm Jackman, Ben Bryant, Karl Moen, Alan Peck,  Mike Franklin, Jim Dell and Jeff Still.

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  1. Rod says:

    Out of interest can anyone recall what the Forum achieved? From memory it was just another talkfest.

  2. Chook says:

    And who was keeping the sealanes open while this was going on. You could have employed me as a consultant and I would have concluded that the branch was top heavy!!!!!

  3. gunther says:

    rod ..the result was, that today there is no comm’s dept’..we talked our selves out of being communicators

  4. Dave Wistrand says:

    Love to help but was at sea again (thanks for thinking of us Rod)

  5. Jim D says:

    I think the EWs had been thrown out of the Branch by then Dave…

  6. Graham Cadwallader (Caddy) says:

    We’d been made homeless by then Dave, but good to see them back again and part of comms where they belong!

  7. Mike Franklin says:

    As I recall this was the beginning of the discussion around the amalgamation of the sparkers and buntings into one branch.

  8. Chook says:

    Better known as the beginning of the end!!!

  9. mike harrington says:

    How lovely to see me old mate Tug Wilson. R.I.P. Tug. Mike Harrington

  10. Dave Wistrand says:

    It would be my experience that there are two drivers for change. One is that things do change and there is a need to stay up to date, but the second which is more often the driver is someone gets a new job or appointment and says “shit I had better make a name for myself” and instigates something different to show how onto it they are. Happens in military and civilian life and it is noticeable how often the status quo may have worked with fine turning instead wholesale movement. Like when I joined as a sparker I got more points in the entry examine then those who became seaman – then 20 odd years later got moved into the seaman branch and while there were some nice people there (umhh) I still had a left over superiority conflict which remains to this day – Just saying

  11. Dave Wistrand says:

    When I posted that reply I then made a sarnie and a cup of tea and remembered this: During a break in classes in the Ops School North Head a class of Helicopter Pilots were doing some training and had to have visual recognition classes in Soviet Ships and Aircraft. As someone who working in a darken room in the middle of a ship I was of course the optimum person to instruct these pilots. I did point out the obvious flaw in this logic and as a result this was about the only time I received a “direct order” to do something. I then did ask if I could have a gunner or someone who usually did lookout duties to assist me (was just being sarky) and got told NO. So got out my trusty Sinclair Spectrum, a slide projector – learnt a bit of code and wrote a program to link the slides with the written word on the Spectrum and away we went – They already knew more than me anyway so wasn’t an issue – But thought I should have been BZed from my innovative efforts but you can guess. The other issue was because I wasn’t an “I” as in PRI my opinion wasn’t worth shite and I was told so. Much happier now Thanks for listening

  12. Dave Wistrand says:

    That is when I make the most sense Jeem

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