Ever thought about how much food the Naval Base throws out? Approximately 38% of DNB’s waste is food…And so they have introduced Big Hanna! The first fully automated in-vessel composting unit of her kind to arrive in Australasia, and she’s there on Base! By simply feeding Big Hanna waste food scraps every day, she is capable of producing up to 6,000kg of compost per year! Big Hanna is about to start guzzling food scraps from Vince Malone Galley and, once fully operational, food waste from the NES Galley and Wardroom will also be incorporated. Food waste from offices, barracks, Narrow Neck, and Torpedo Bay may also be captured in the future. Big Hanna represents an important innovation in NZ and demonstrates NZDF’s leadership and commitment towards sustainability. Watch this space for further updates on Big Hanna as she begins to devour the Navy’s food scraps!

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2 Responses to BIG HANNA

  1. Tony marsden says:

    This is a long, long way from the days of the Gash shed on the main jetty with the Gash Barge taking the whole stinking mess out by Rangitoto (followed by squadrons of Sh..hawks)_ and opening the underside of the barge to let it all go into the oggin. (note! nothing to do with the word Oggie, that gets used today by many).
    I really hated being on Gash Party when duty watch on the ships.

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