The Albion Hotel

This site was originally the site of the old “watering hole” Albion Hotel, destroyed by the Christchurch Earthquakes. Before the earthquakes, it was a Backpackers Hostel. It has now been turned into a Community Square. At the far end, the re-located damaged Lyttelton War Memorial Cenotaph, and a children’s playground included adjacent is sited. This is an image of the damaged site after the earthquake.  Note that John B lives in close proximity to this location.

190411 (3)

The Albion Square was officially opened last Saturday 8th Nov 2014. The Cenotaph area is yet to be completed and will be officially dedicated shortly. It is still awaiting replacement earthquake damaged bits n’ pieces to allow completion.  The Square can be accessed by two entrances. Noticeably, one entrance is made of coloured tiles made into four decorative signal flag posts.  Thanks John B for the article.

Signal Pole Entrance 001

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2 Responses to The Albion Hotel

  1. Jim D says:

    How appropriate that Bollox is pointing to the Toilet sign!

    • John Bullock says:

      What did you say Jim about your arm is not in a sling anymore after your op? SWMBO will give you a “seeing too”!

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