Veteran Super Gold Card

Not sure if you are aware but there is a Veteran Super Gold Card which you can apply for if you meet certain criteria.  For further information please click HERE. 


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8 Responses to Veteran Super Gold Card

  1. Ernie Pope says:

    It has been around for a we while, ever since the Gold card came out. At least 7 years, got mine when i registerd when reached 65 in 2007.

  2. Casper says:

    The Veterans’ Gold Card, it must be remembered, is merely an acknowledgement of service, and has no advantages over an “ordinary” Gold Card apart from that. It is however a very nice thought from whoever……

    • Jim D says:

      There is one major difference that I know of – unlike New Zealand Superannuation, the Veteran’s Pension will not reduce if you need long-term hospital care.

  3. James F Blackburn. BEM says:

    Re Gold Card..You can have your photo put on your Gold Card which helps prevent
    its fraudulent use if it is “lost” or Stolen.
    From memory. mine was done by the AA when I did my Driving licence renewal eleventeen
    years ago.
    Also, if you do not already know this,I believe that Challenge Petrol Stations give an 8 cents
    per litre discount when you present your Gold Card


    • Brian Edwards says:

      Re Gold Card. Although the Promo doesn’t say so, qualifying vets aren’t eligible if resident in Oz. Do travel back quite frequently.??

  4. Ernie Pope says:

    If you live in the South Island, then Challenge and NPD give us 15 cents a litre.

  5. John Snow says:

    Expect like many others I received in mail today application form for possible change from normal superannuation to veterans. Reading through it apart from the hospital side I cannot see any real benefits of doing so. They stopped my Community Services as my pension and bank interest took me over the limit so expect same would happen with Vets. Anyone else considering change or non change.

  6. Peter Lowish says:

    If you receive a vets pension and are under 65, you have to be on 60% disability before they give you a gold card

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