HMNZS HAWEA = Communicator

Question – Who was the communicator onboard HMNZS HAWEA in 1977 when Lt Malcolm Jackman was the Commanding Officer?

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7 Responses to HMNZS HAWEA = Communicator

  1. Wings says:

    I think Biggy Hunt was on there for a while, as I was on Pukaki and I’m sure he offered to do my sched for me the night my daughter was born, just in case….It was rare for Hawea to be at sea much as she always seemed to have probs and be back alongside..

  2. Alan says:

    I think Boris Borell (think that’s the spelling)

  3. Peter McKnight says:

    David (Dah) Hanover maybe???

  4. T K Kingi says:

    Biily Welch

  5. Jim D says:

    Wasn’t Bill Welch. I took my comms crew from Otago to visit the ITO in Auckland and Musik Point in 1976 and Bill was in the ITO when we went there.

  6. Frank Rands says:

    Looks like it was Lawrence Hunt. Thanks guys

  7. Wings says:

    Yep, wasn’t Boris at that time, I took over from Billy Welch and Dah Hanover took over from me on Pukaki..

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